Zielony Domek - Ruciane Nida, domek na mazurach


Zielony Domek
Stanisław Matelak
ul. Białe osiedle 13
12 - 220 Ruciane Nida
Tel. (87) 423 19 62
Kom. 696 462 803

E-mail: anna.matelak@wp.pl

N = 53° 64' 28"
E = 21° 54' 20"

"Green House" is situated on 2300 m2 plot, which is surrounded by, the Nidka River on the east side. This river links the Nidzkie Lake and the Bełdan Lake. On the north side the house is surrounded by a thick forest. It is a semideteched house, each part of the house has a living-room with a fire-place and TV set.

There is also a kitchen with the equipment, a bathroom and toilet. On the first floor there are two double bedrooms with a balcony. The whole house is made of wood and all the furnishings of the house are new. The house was copleted in the year 2000. Near by the house there are a tennis court and basketball playground.

Bungalow Television Cupboard Bathroom Balcony Tennis Basketball Forest

Polityka prywatno¶ci           domek, ruciane nida, wczasy, wypoczynek, noclegi, warmia i mazury